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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Google Challenge: 'Social Improvements'

The biggest challenge that Google faces right now is 'Social Interactions', we have all witnessed the failed attempts made by the search engine giant to conquer the social arena but with no luck. Most of the world doesn't even know what Google Buzz, Google Profile or Orkut even means - unless they are Brazilians maybe. So what is Google going to do to overcome this situation?, in a world that is evolving more and more around social, will Google be able to battle with Social titans like Facebook or Twitter?

Social is not just a trend. With the final arrival of web semantics, the social aspect is becoming more critical, Google depends on this aspect to strengthen it's search options and expand to a more social world. The more time it is spent on Facebook, the more attractive Facebook becomes to advertisers and, what is Google's main source of revenues?. Exactly.

But we see new efforts made by Google lately, the +1 Button announced in March this year, which intends to be Facebook's Like Button and introduce a more social aspect to the search experience. Also Google Places, Google Latitude and Google Hotpot are initiatives developed to enhance social feedbacks and add the GeoLocation component. Even though all these are separate, everything in Google comes integrated. 

Even though we could continue talking about threats to Google's businesses like Microsoft's Cloud strategies or Apple's OS vs. Android, in my opinion 'THE' challenge is social, and the adoption of the previously discussed social attempts is what is key right now to survive in front of the other social leaders. Could Google make it this time? and even if it does, will it be enough?

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